Québec - CARTV Recognition or Accreditation

The Conseil des appellations reservées et des termes valorisants (CARTV), the public competent authority for organic products on Québec territory, is responsible for applying provincial legislation that governs a field that goes beyond the scope of the Organic Products Regulations that become effective in Canada on 30 June 2009. When intended for sale on the Québec market, the following product categories must be certified by a body recognized by the CARTV:

  • Products resulting from organic agriculture
  • Products resulting from organic aquaculture
  • Contracted services in order to maintain the organic integrity
  • Inputs intended for organic agriculture

The aim of the CARTV’s recognition or accreditation program, managed by the Committee on Accreditation for Evaluation of Quality (CAEQ), is the acceptance of the above-mentioned organic product categories in Québec.

What need does this program address?

In accordance with the Internal Regulations Pertaining to Acceptance of Products Coming from Outside Québec, or with the Internal Regulations Pertaining to Accreditation for Certifiers to certify organic products belonging to the above-mentioned categories and intended for sale on Québec territory, regardless of the product’s origin, certification bodies must be recognized or accredited by the CARTV.

Which organizations can apply?

All organizations certifying organic products belonging to the above-mentioned categories and intended for sale on Quebec territory, heedless of the product’s origin, can apply to the CAEQ for an assessment of their certification program in order to demonstrate its compliance with the requirements included in the CARTV’s above-mentionned Regulations .


Depending on circonstances :

Either an application for recognition is submitted by a certification body, the CAEQ carries out a documentary review of the application file. If this assessment is satisfactory, the CAEQ will recommend that CARTV recognize the body’s certification program for the concerned product categories which is accredited by another competent authority.

Either an application for accreditation is submitted, the CAEQ carries out several verifications and analysis including a documentary review, an on-site office audit and a witness audit. When the system is considered in compliance with the requirements, the CAEQ makes a recommendation to the CARTV to grant an initial accreditation.

If a body has already been accredited by the CARTV to certify organic products for a scope not including products in any of the above categories, it can request an accreditation extension, thus allowing it to certify products from any one of these categories.

All applications for recognition or accreditation are processed by the CAEQ.

What are the actions of CAEQ?

In order to enable the certification body to demonstrate the compliance of its certification system with the CARTV’s requirements, the CAEQ will assess its certification program in order to recognize its compliance.

If the body uses a private standard to certify products, the CAEQ shall conduct a comparative analysis between the body’s standard against the standard approved by the CARTV or requires to the applicant to provide it, to determine its level of equivalency, and where appropriate, prescribe the amendments needed to obtain equivalence.

The CARTV recognition program can be combined with other services offered by the CAEQ in addition to its accreditation program.

Contact without delay the CAEQ and we will present the procedure to follow and will guide you in submitting your application.

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Others reserved designations or added values claims

The CAEQ is also the CARTV accreditation department for the accreditation of certification bodies which apply for the certification of others reserved designations or added values claims defined by the Act in Québec.